Finding Balance

The health and fitness world is a massive behemoth. Anyone surfing the web can stumble upon millions of publications about what you should do to improve your health. At times, I have become overwhelmed with the amount of information available at the end of my fingertips. It especially becomes overwhelming when I try to figure out how to integrate the information into my clinical practice. Anyone can give advice, but knowing how to facilitate change in a client can be a daunting task. The human body is a complex system that interacts with the world on a day to day basis and everyone’s world is different. We have different strengths, weakness, histories, personalities, genetics, etc. The list is endless.

Bio-individuality is a term coined by Joshua Rosenthal, owner of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). The term refers to how we vary from person to person and how everyone has different needs. This term can be applied to all areas of health and fitness and even medicine. IIN makes reviewing your bio-individuality an easy task for practitioners when you balance primary and secondary nutrition. Primary foods are the building blocks for superior health; these are pictured in the figure below. Secondary nutrition refers to anything you ingest including food, beverages, and cigarette smoke. IIN theorizes that if your primary nutrition is out of balance, your secondary nutrition will compensate for your primary nutrition deficits. For example, imagine a person, perhaps overweight or obese, who eats fast food 5 to 7 nights per week. They probably have been told they need to lose weight and exercise. However, conducting a health history with this client may reveal their home environment is a mess, and they are lonely and dissatisfied with their career. Until primary nutrition areas of their life are addressed, this person will probably not make better choices about their secondary nutrition and ultimately, not lose weight.

The beginning of the year is a great time to take an inventory of yourself. The holidays are over, your schedule is back to normal, and more time can be invested in your own well-being. The primary nutrition circle is a simple tool you can utilize to identify areas of your life that could use improvement. If you’re unsure or curious of the potential of this tool, you can schedule a free health history consult with me. During a health history, we discuss the primary nutrition areas and your goals, as well as determine if my 6-month health coaching program is appropriate for you.

Alexandra Vojik