The Engineer by Antony Gromley

The Engineer by Antony Gromley

One-On-One Physical Therapy

Is pain limiting your ability to perform at your desired level? Do you have a chronic injury that gets irritated by doing the things you love? Do you want to move with more ease and efficiency?


goals of physical therapy services

          meeting your goals         

          decreasing pain         

          improving efficiency of movement

          improving athletic performance         

          increasing awareness of correct movement

          ergonomics education         

          injury prevention         

          behavioral modification          etc


tools utilized

          manual therapy         

          dry needling         

          Pilates-based exercise   


          neural mobilization

          sports specific bio-mechanical analysis

          group fitness classes         etc


Health Coaching

do you feel your life is out of balance? do you get unhealthy food cravings? do you want to lose weight?

health coaching assists clients in achieving the full potential of their well-being. through nutrition and lifestyle modification, clients will embark on a trans-formative journey.

health coaching services are ideal for individuals who are ready and willing to work towards a goal. The entire health coaching program includes a free health history consultation and 12 one-on-one visits scheduled over 6 months.

contact me for more details.


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